1st Chemo Cycle

My chemo cycles will run with 21 days in each of the cycles.

Cycle 1 Day 21 (Mon 22nd Feb 2010)
Finally washed my hair and boy is it coming out. My beard also is now coming to it's end. Nervous as I go back for my second round of chemo. I just hope my white blood cells have recovered enough so that I am ready to take my next lot of chemo, if not an injection of that stimulates white blood cells will be give but I am hoping this extra drug and extra injection will not be needed. Temp Ok at 36.5
Cycle 1 Day 20 (Sun 21st Feb 2010)
My scalp is still very sore with my facial hair also becoming sore above my mouth. I wake up in the mornings and it now feels like my head is not on a pillow but on a bed of nails..very sore. It would not be to bad if it just fell out but it is just clumps. I wonder about shaving it but am concerned my scalp may be to sensitive. Dry skin, as in cracking on the surface, is affecting my hands but this may be down to the fact that I am washing my hands regularly with soap, water and anti-bac products. More nervous now that time for next chemo is almost here. Fingers crossed for a good response and little nausea. Temp Ok at 36.7
Cycle 1 Day 19 (Sat 20th Feb 2010)
Again the problem is the hair loss. I am showering at moment without washing my hair as having a night out and a few appointments on Monday is too daunting to contemplate without hair! Pain on the scalp is still evident. Temp Ok at 36.9
Cycle 1 Day 18 (Fri 19th Feb 2010)
The scalp is still quite painful and the hair is coming out in clumps....I hope it hangs on as I have arranged a night out at a restaurant with family and it's not the kind of place to wear my scotch wig and hat! . Temp Ok at 36.7ºC
Cycle 1 Day 17 (Thu 18th Feb 2010)
Woke this morning to very sharp pains around my scalp which felt like pins being pressed against my scalp every time I moved my scalp with my fingers. It seems that this is the hair falling out stage as my hair has really started to come out. Everything else is fine really although I am starting to feel trepidation about my next round of chemo. Temp Ok at 37.1ºC
Cycle 1 Day 16 (Wed 17th Feb 2010)
Still much of a much and hoping that the white blood cells will recover for the second round of chemo on Tuesday. Still no natural appetite and the hair is starting to come out more and more. Temp Ok at 36.9ºC
Cycle 1 Day 15 (Tues 16th Feb 2010)
Slept well again with a normal rising time of about 08:00 being agreeable at the moment. A trip to the hospital had my bloods taken sadly I was told that I am now moderately neutropaenic with a score of 0.6 which felt a little disappointing but did show me that whilst I felt OK I am at risk of becoming ill very quickly. Temp Ok at 36.9ºC
Cycle 1 Day 14 (Mon 15th Feb 2010)
Much the same as it seems I feel like my body is undergoing the recovery. My muscle spasm in the arm has increased but apart from that no other real problems.  Temp Ok at 36.9ºC
Cycle 1 Day 13 (Sun 14th Feb 2010)
Same old today although I have now gained a muscle spasm/contraction in my right bicep which is quite annoying. Sleep is not an issue and I feel I am now somewhere close to full health. The hair is starting to come out on my body faster. Temp Ok at 36.9ºC
Cycle 1 Day 12 (Sat 13th Feb 2010)
Mandy is still sleeping in another room due to her slight cold. I am feeling OK even after going down to a number 3 on the hair trimmer! Talking of hair I am now starting to lose it...not from the head but from more sensitive areas shall we say. I wonder when the beard will go..gulp! Temp Ok at 36.9ºC but I have noticed that when I spoil myself with a touch of honey brandy my head gets hot and my temp shoots up! 
Cycle 1 Day 11 (Fri 12th Feb 2010)
Sleep seems to be almost normal with a wake up often around 4-5 in the morning (been like that since first thoughts of cancer). My appetite has still not fully recovered although I do eat very well. My weight has actually increased by about 7LB so I will start to eat a bit less and monitor how my body reacts to this. We were told to eat good high calorific foods often so as to combat any weight loss but so far it is the reverse! Fewer aches and pains...or am I just getting used to them? Mandy has signs of a cold so she slept in another room. Enjoyed some Brandy with no taste problems.  Temp OK at 37.3ºC
Cycle 1 Day 10 (Thurs 11th Feb 2010)
Woke early this morning at about 05:30. Much of a much at the moment as not much change in anything. I am aware of becoming complacent about things like hygiene and water intake so I shall be making double the effort as I have now entered the time where my systems defences are lowered allowing for infection...which I don't want. Temp OK at 36.9ºC
Cycle 1 Day 9 (Wed 10th Feb 2010)
Woke at about 07:30 after a reasonable nights sleep. Mandy insists on keeping every bit of flesh of mine under wraps during the night...but us blokes overheat and sometimes it is just to warm. Anyway nothing of note today other than the usual aches and pains. Not really hungry but no problem eating. I have to mention that flatulence is now an issue for US! I am managing to keep up the water intake although it is hard to keep drinking....which in turn adds to exercise as I keep making regular trips to the toilet! I have bought a new thermometer today with an in the ear infra red version taking much less time to get a temp. temp is 36.9ºC
Cycle 1 Day 8 (Tues 9th Feb 2010)
Slept well again last night and did not get up until 09:00. Ate as usual all day although I probably eat to much in a sitting which does throw your stomach a little. Still no sickness. Joint pain still evident and the short stabbing pains rattling round my ribcage/lung area still present. Temp is 36.3ºC 
Cycle 1 Day 7 (Mon 8th Feb 2010)
I woke early today at about 05:30 and remained restless until I got up at 07:15. Changes in the body continue as the lower back pain has been mostly absent as it seems to be running round my lung and rib cage area instead. The wrist is still sore but all in all I am doing fine. I am still managing to eat normally although I don't feel hungry. No sickness and as yet no drop off in mood etc having now finished my steroids. One small worry was quite a sharp pain from a tooth that keeps returning. The thing I am very careful to avoid is any type of infection as that could end up with a hospital stay.
Cycle 1 Day 6 (Sun 7th Feb 2010)
Got up today about 09:30 but was awake from 07:30. Felt Ok. Had some toast and biscuits for breakfast but still not feeling hungry at all but when I eat food I manage it fine. Back pain still present and gets worse as day goes on. Not to much knee or thigh pain now. Odd pain in throat more when swallowing but not pain as in a sore throat more a muscular strain type. Dry mouth is Ok with sugar free mints and fresh pineapple. Had some dinner of minced pork,mixture of beans and wholemeal bread. Managed to go to the loo a little. Quite a nagging pain in one wrist joint today noted. Last of the steroids taken this morning. Wonder how this will affect me mentally and physically. Temp 36.3ºC
Cycle 1 Day 5 (Sat 6th Feb 2010)
The day was pretty much the same as the last with muscular pain mostly in my back or is it due to the kidneys working overtime to get rid of dead cells? I have taken a couple of Senokot as constipation is rearing it's head (good choice of words?) I have used all the anti sickness tablets that I had to take 3 days in row so I am down to ones that are taken as and when needed. I have no need as of tonight....time will tell. Went to bed at about 23:00 but did not feel that tired. Temp 35.9ºC
Cycle 1 Day 4 (Fri 5th Feb 2010)
  I had a great sleep last night and did not get up until 10:00am. I felt refreshed with no pain or sickness. Mandy and I decided to get some fresh air so a short walk of 2 1/2 miles was leisurely taken. It seemed to hold off muscular pain for a few hours with the back pain returning at about 16:00. I have not felt sick but my appetite is repressed. Dry mouth seems not just as bad. Other unspecified mouth pain in bone areas keep coming and going.
Cycle 1 Day 3 (Thurs 4th Feb 2010)
Again the back pain came on with knee pain in the early afternoon. I had things to do today so the walk I was going to take had to be put back which I did not like at all. No nausea although early signs of constipation are brewing...or not! Quite a dry mouth is still a constant but manageable with plenty of water, sprays and fresh pineapple. In addition tonight my thighs are struggling as if I have overworked my muscles. My temp is good at 35.9C. A little shivery tonight as I sat upstairs in the office so a little warmth in the lounge from the gas fire soon had me feeling warm.
Cycle 1 Day 2 (Wed 3rd Feb 2010)
No real problems today apart from lower back pain whereby a nights sleep cleared this up. Temp was good at about 36.5ºC. Appetite was a little repressed but managed to eat normally. Plenty of water and ginger ale is being drunk.
Cycle 1 Day 1 (Tues 2nd Feb 2010)
 Having had the chemo administered I had to stay in hospital overnight. I had a small reaction to the rituximab but that soon dissipated as it was only a localised rash on my chest. Later in the evening I had a dull headache and felt tired so I went to bed at about 22:30 after Sara (night nurse) kindly removed the cannula from my hand which made things a lot more comfortable.  Energy was excellent in general.  Fatigue was no problem 

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