2nd Chemo Cycle

Cycle 2 Day 21 (Mon 15th Mar 2010)
Much the same with the tongue issue being the most noticeable problem. I am rinsing mouth with Cordysol mouth wash hoping this will help. Temp OK at 37.2ºC
Cycle 2 Day 20 (Sun 14th Mar 2010)
Recovery is still progressing with the cough but a new side affect has shown in my tongue. This now feels like I have mildy burnt it with something hot but it is all over my tongue. Patches around my throat area are also very dry, so much so that they stick together and can be uncomfortable to part. Temp OK at 36.7ºC
Cycle 2 Day 19 (Sat 13th Mar 2010)
Much the same as the last few days with the slow recovery of the cough continuing. A note that my skin on the back of my hands is resembling tissue paper. Temp OK at 36.6ºC
Cycle 2 Day 18 (Fri 12th Mar 2010)
Again it's a matter of waiting for the cough to subside. The bruise on leg has increased in it's look and size. A good nights sleep is being had with at least 8 hours. A dry patch at the back of the throat is sometimes present and it feels like the skin of the throat has stuck together. Temp OK at 36.5ºC
Cycle 2 Day 17 (Thur 11th Mar 2010)
The cough is slowly subsiding which allowed a reasonable nights sleep of 5 hours. Since my diagnosis my body only seems to allow about 4-5 hrs of sleep now for some reason. Sometimes I cannot get back to sleep other times I can wait half hour and then drop back off. No pains or aches although it is obvious that I now bruise easy as I caught my leg and a poor looking bruise has arisen. 
Cycle 2 Day 16 (Wed 10th Mar 2010)
My bad back (due to coughing) is fixed and only the cough is troublesome. The diarrhea is slowly righting itself and for the first time in quite some time my stomach rumbled! Temp OK at 36.5ºC
Cycle 2 Day 15 (Tues 9th Mar 2010)
Doing well at the moment with only the chesty cough bothering me more than I care for. The weather has had me in the garden trying to keep active and keep my physical strength up. Sleep is all down to how well my chest rattles and last night it rattled so not much sleep was had. Temp is OK at 36.6ºC
Cycle 2 Day 14 (Mon 8th Mar 2010)
Today has been very much the same as yesterday as my body starts it's recovery before being bombed again. I have spent a little time in the garden with the sun shining so I was careful about any exposure to the sun even at this time of year. Temp OK at 37.2ºC
Cycle 2 Day 13 (Sun 7th Mar 2010)
The bronchitis is still annoying me although I am now getting to sleep at night. Apart from the cough I now feel much like my old self and my thoughts start to wonder about my next cycle. The chemo definately affects your memory as names and terms now regularly escape me. Diarrhea is still present. Temp OK at 37.4ºC
Cycle 2 Day 12 (Sat 6th Mar 2010)
The cough is haunting me so much so that whilst having a coughing spell in an awkward position in bed I have popped something in my back. It is very painful and I can now hardly bloody walk. Heat treatment is being applied to the base of the spine and I am trying to lay on the floor and stretch my vertebrae. My hair is all but gone on my head but arms and leg hair is still pretty much untouched. It's gunna take something worse to stop me! Still got Diarrhea Temp OK at 37.2ºC
Cycle 2 Day 11 (Fri 5th Mar 2010)
Very little sleep is being had at the moment with a max of 3 hours a day. The cough with the fluid is not very good and causing discomfort. On the plus side the antibiotic's seem to be working as the fever has subsided and the other plus is that the piles problem has been given reprieve due to Diarrhea, first time I am grateful of it!  District nurse administered second injection today to help my white blood cell count recover. Temp slowly returning at 37.4ºC 
Cycle 2 Day 10 (Thur 4th Mar 2010)
Well I guess is was inevitable as the previous posts suggested something was wrong. Indeed there was and although I felt much better in the morning I was deteriorating as the day went on. My temp hit 38ºC again and I felt rough due to kidney, testicle pain cough and fever. Mandy rang the PIU and they recalled me as quick as a Toyota with defective brakes! I was lucky as my Doc was on hand at the hospital and gave me a good examination and had me down for some re-hydration fluids and antibiotic's by IV....yes more cannulas....it did not help me much when the nurse could not get the cannula in first go but the second was successful. The IV antibiotic's started to work and I felt a little better. I was given two lot's of oral antibiotic's  to take at home and then the Doc informed me that I was again neutropaenic and that cell growth injections would have to be given into my stomach to help my very important white cell count to increase this being given for three days. The district nurse is down for this task.  Temp not good at 38ºC
Cycle 2 Day 9 (Wed 3rd Mar 2010)
I slept very little over night due to some sort of fever and my mind playing strange tricks on me telling me to be anxious and stressed. I did not feel very well from getting up and the fever continued right through the day. I had to wrap myself up and keep the gas fire on just to keep warm. My temp was not good at 38ºC and I could tell something was wrong. I had pains in muscle, joints, kidneys, under my rib cage and in my old fella! I have a number to ring but I thought more water and keeping warm may help and tiredness had me in bed early although I was very uncomfortable as a cough had now started with fluid being evident. Temp not good at 38ºC
Cycle 2 Day 8 (Tues 2nd Mar 2010)
I felt rough today in general and got worse as the day went on. I suspect a water infection so I am drinking loads of water. I ache a lot all over and particularly the lower back kidney areas. A slight weaziness in the chest has arisen but nothing else. Temp a little raised at 37.4ºC
Cycle 2 Day 7 (Mon 1st Mar 2010)
Sleep disturbed a little but not to bad. Mandy has another cold so hope not to succumb. Bowel movement still very uncomfortable and wind is a side effect! I did not feel very well at times today as I had lower back pain and a very upset stomach. Pain in both lower forearm muscle is evident. I even had to give in at night and take some anti sickness medication. Temp OK at 36.6ºC
Cycle 2 Day 6 (Sun 28th Feb 2010)
Seem to be hanging on to a dry mouth with catarrh sometimes waking me up in the night. Muscular pain that feels like a heavy smack to the lower left forearm is quite tender at the moment.  Bowel movement today but still very uncomfortable. No sickness and I am off the steroids for this round it always gives me a mental boost as the tablet intake decreases. Temp OK at 36.9ºC
Cycle 2 Day 5 (Sat 27th Feb 2010)
A little bowel movement had me rejoicing but this strained problem has lead to a bloody pile problem....I will take more senokot tonight to hopefully help. You do get obsessed with bodily movements and fluids as it seems to be all or nothing or now or never! Not as much muscular aches in joints today although I have to keep telling myself to be on guard as my water intake has lessened. Temp OK at 37ºC
Cycle 2 Day 4 (Fri 26th Feb 2010)
Similar to yesterday with the now accepted constipation. I have tried to pre-empt this with a couple of senokot but no movement on that front! Back ache still not as bad as first cycle problems but hair pain is increasing. Temp OK at 35.7ºC.
Cycle 2 Day 3 (Thur 25th Feb 2010)
Extremely dry mouth has begun with a few muscular sores when swallowing ie sharp pains. The aches both muscular and joint are around my body but at the moment it's more of a dull ache that's tedious more than anything. Bit tired through the day but I try to keep my sleeping habits to the night. Weight gain is evident with a stone now gained. Stomach is queasy and just not my own. Eating large amount upsets it so smaller portions regularly does help. My hair is still holding on ..just! It looks more like alopecia  at the moment, quite scruffy looking. The sharp pains on the scalp and beard when touched remain which is stopping me shaving the hair off. Temp OK at 36.8ºC 
Cycle 2 Day 2 (Wed 24th Feb 2010)
As stated I was up in the early hours due to stomach upset. I slept a little downstairs to allow Mandy some rest. The numerous tablets were taken after breakfast of toast and a large glass of water. The aching lower back pain that I experienced quite soon after the first lot of chemo was around today to a lesser extent. Stomach settled as I kept busy setting up the new computer. Dry mouth is back in force so sugar free mints and plenty of water are being taken to help. Temp 36.7ºC
Cycle 2 Day 1 (Tues 23rd Feb 2010)
The next round was had today and I can't lie as I was nervous as the cycle begins again. Mandy and I arrived at the hospital at 11:00 where a cannula was inserted (hate them still) and blood was taken to see if my white blood count had increased to allow my 2nd chemo to be administered. I was nervous as my white blood cells a week previous showed that I was Neutropenic at 0.6 and the Doc mentioned the possibility of having a growth factor injected to stimulate their growth. I concentrated on eating protein foods and drinking plenty of water in the hope this would help. The news was good and my white cell count had gone from 0.6 to 4.0 hurrah one less injection and no delay to my chemo course. I lost the services of my Chemo nurse Gabrielle but an adequate replacement was Bernice. We got on just fine and with the help from stories and smiles from the lovely Sharron we soon were on our way home. Mandy treated me to fish, chips and mushy peas..of which I ate the lot! Whilst eating this I new it was too much and to no surprise my stomach had me up at 01:00 in the morning as it was very upset and queasy. Anyway I was soon starting the next day feeling a touch better

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