3rd Chemo Cycle

Cycle 3 Day 21 (Mon 5th Apr 2010)
My last day in the world of chemo cycles has been uneventful all round with just the eyes problem and the forearm pain. I am now free to concentrate of round two in my regime with radiotherapy to contend with.
Cycle 3 Day 20 (Sun 4th Apr 2010)
Same as the last few days as I slowly recover but what is noticeable is my body has less ability to do things without tiring and feeling out of breath.
Cycle 3 Day 19 (Sat 3rd Apr 2010)
One problem that I seem to overlook is sore eyes that I have had over the last 3 weeks. They seem to be sensitive to light/air and water more but sting until I close the eyes to rest them. Still got pain in the forearm. Little else to report.
Cycle 3 Day 18 (Fri 2nd Apr 2010)
The recovery continues with little to report apart from the forearm pain really. Sleep is quite good at moment but I do seem to need more at moment than I usual need.
Cycle 3 Day 17 (Thur 1st Apr 2010)
Feeling more and more like recovery is well underway. I am still not exerting myself but my fitness now needs working on in the gap before I start radiotherapy. Moth ulcers have all but gone. Forearm still tender though.
Cycle 3 Day 16 (Wed 31st Mar 2010)
Heartburn has not been a problem at all. Dry skin on hands is present. The forearm pain is still causing discomfort. Less and less to detail as I feel mentally stronger that may be helping the physical aspects a little. 
Cycle 3 Day 15 (Tues 30th Mar 2010)
Feeling OK at the moment with heartburn not as troublesome. Feet still locking of sorts. Sleeping is returning to normality although I do feel more tired in the mornings.
Cycle 3 Day 14 (Mon 29th Mar 2010)
Much the same as yesterday with heartburn causing discomfort. Bowel movement is still not the most comfortable. 
Cycle 3 Day 13 (Sun 28th Mar 2010)
Getting better as time goes on. Cough is almost fixed. Back is stronger. Heartburn is now present. Trying to cut back on my food intake. Spots have arisen around my face and back. I keep getting a strange locking of my feet whenever I may bend them into a position. 
Cycle 3 Day 12 (Sat 27th Mar 2010)
Feeling Ok in general. Mouth still seemingly regenerating with sores still present although getting better. Forearm still tender. Cough is still on the mend with back almost back to normal. Walking any distance does give the feeling that you don't own your own legs fully. Dry skin particularly on the hands comes and goes. A little pain returned around remaining head hair follicles.
Cycle 3 Day 11 (Fri 26th Mar 2010)
Forearm still nagging. Ulcers in mouth are getting better but mouth is still sore with linings swollen. Cough is thankfully getting better. Cold symptoms have all gone. Feeling generally OK although I am terribly out of condition. 
Cycle 3 Day 10 (Thur 25th Mar 2010)
Back is getting stronger and cough is still getting less problematic. Flatulence is again the order of the day accompanied by a little indigestion. Forearm is still concerning. Mouth ulcers are stable but lining of mouth is undergoing some swelling leading to teeth rubbing against my mouth interior. Put 2 stone in weight on in total so far.
Cycle 3 Day 9 (Wed 24th Mar 2010)
An improvement in my back today. A slight improvement in mouth sores. Forearm pain still worrying. Remains of cough still present although light cold has now gone. Good nights sleep had. 
Cycle 3 Day 8 (Tues 23rd Mar 2010)
My back was put out again due to coughing which rendered my immobile for the day. Very painful and very frustrating. The use of an inhaler has helped with the chest problems and cough. Constipation has eased slightly. Pain in forearm still present and mouth ulcers have increased. Sores on sides of mouth/lips have increased. A general feeling of fed up is with me which I hope to kick. 
Cycle 3 Day 7 (Mon 22nd Mar 2010)
Woke early this morning with cough and arm pain. The tongue issue with mouth sores makes eating not very pleasurable. Also note that I am getting tiny spots running round my eyes when looking at something like the sky. A mild cold of nose and chest is present. Still not bothered by any sickness and temp OK at 37ºC
Cycle 3 Day 6 (Sun 21st Mar 2010)
Arm, tongue and mouth the most uncomfortable things at moment and what seems like a light cold affecting my nose and chest. Constipation is again bugging having not been for two days. I have almost finished all my tablets which I am greatful of! Temp OK at 37ºC
Cycle 3 Day 5 (Sat 20th Mar 2010)
Much of the same with forearm getting more painful along with tongue pain increase. The tongue is ulcerated all over and is a direct side effect of the chemo. The sides of my mouth also have sores developing. Temp OK at 37ºC 
Cycle 3 Day 4 (Fri 19th Mar 2010)
Forearm pain still bugging as it becomes more tender and sore to touch. The tongue is getting slightly worse and I have a tickly cough that will not leave me. Parts of my beard hair is growing slowly and I have still not lost arm, leg, eyebrow or eyelash hair. My head hair that is visible seems to have changed colour almost like it is dieing slowly. Temp OK at 37.2ºC
Cycle 3 Day 3 (Thur 18th Mar 2010)
Arm more painful with a colour change in the vain that was infused. Tongue still has a painful fizzy sensation all over it but it is remaining stable. Sleep is not bad although I do some times have a sweating/overheating period overnight which always wakes me up. I also had a common sort of chill whereby I have to keep the room I am in warm or I begin shivering. Temp OK at 36.6ºC
Cycle 3 Day 2 (Wed 17th Mar 2010)
The vain that caused pain after infusion is becoming more sore with the forearm painful when moving. Very dry mouth this time round and the fizzing pain in the tongue is still with me. Not much in the way of nausea but I have altered my eating habits to help with this. My memory is one area that has been affected with a struggling of names and words. I hope this is temporary!
Cycle 3 Day 1 (Tues 16th Mar 2010)
At the hospital for 11:00 and at home at about 17:30. Everything went well apart from a quite painful infusion of one of the drugs. As it started to be administered it went pop in my vain and actually made me jump. It was quite painful and remained sore during and after my infusion. I feey tired at times when I got home but nothing to bad. Temp OK at 37ºC

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